How to Contact 8x8 CPaaS Support


Submitting a ticket for 8x8 CPaaS Support.

Applies To

  • CPaaS
  • Support


CPaaS Support

The most efficient and recommended way to contact our dedicated CPaaS support team is to use the support portal on our 8x8 Connect platform.
You can find the support portal under Support on the left navigation menu.
On the Support Overview page, you can choose to access support articles, raise a support ticket request, and view your current or previous ticket submissions.
If you click Raise a Ticket, you can raise a support ticket directly and our support agents will get in touch with you.
You can view your previously submitted support requests when you click Ticket History. Track the statuses of your support ticket under the Status column.
If you don’t have an 8x8 Connect account, you can also submit a support request here.

Jitsi as a Service (JaaS) Support

To submit a ticket for the JaaS Support team, click here.

Additional Information

For more information on 8x8's available APIs, see the 8x8 Developer Hub and the CPaaS Help Center.