Unable to Send Multipage Internet Fax


Unable to send a multi-page internet fax. 

Applies To

  • 8x8 Work for Desktop
  • Internet Fax


If a multi-page internet fax fails to send, it can be due to a restriction or limitation of internet fax. Adjust the fax so that it is within the limits defined below:  
  • Max size of 19 MB.
  • Max 5 files per fax.
  • Max 200 pages (in order to deliver as email attachment).
  • Must use 11 digits (e.g., 1 + 10-digit number) for sending outbound fax.
  • No special characters or letters with accents. (e.g.,: ñ) 
If the document stops on multiple attempts at the same spot (for example, on page 4/9), examine the subsequent page (in our example, page 5) for additional attributes that could cause issues preventing the system from converting it for transmission, including:
  • Gray shading
  • Blurriness
  • General low quality
In that case, rescan the document, assure quality, and send again.


Listed below are the restrictions and limitations of internet fax:
  • Total fax size sent cannot be greater than 19 MB.
  • Maximum of 5 files per fax.
  • Maximum page count of fax attachment in fax email notification is 200 pages.
  • Internet fax notification with attachments are only available with faxes up to 200 pages (inbound only).
  • Any fax exceeding 200 pages can still be downloaded from 8x8 Work for Desktop.
  • Must use 11 digits for sending outbound fax. If a Number is Incomplete error appears, ensure that the user is sending to a fax number using 11 digits (e.g., 1 + 10-digit number).
  • Files sent cannot include any special characters or letters with accents. (e.g.,: ñ)