How to Turn On Service if it Has Been Suspended


Restoring suspended services.

Applies To

  • X Series
  • Editions
  • Billing


If your account has been suspended (or placed on hold), a Past Due message will display when you log in to the Support Portal (8x8 X Series or Editions customers).
You will not be able to receive incoming calls or make outgoing calls. If you attempt to make an outgoing call, you will hear a message that your account has been disabled.
Invoice (non-credit card/ACH) billing customer? If you receive a direct invoice/bill and pay by check every month, please contact the 8x8 Invoice Billing team at the phone number or email address listed at the bottom of your bill to discuss payment options.

Reactivating Your Services in the Support Portal (Editions and X Series Accounts)

  1. Log in to your Support Portal.
  2. You will see a message that says your billing details are out-of-date. Click Update.
  3. Click Add Payment Method.
  4. Click Pay Now to pay the balance due.

Service Restored

Once the past due amount has been paid, service should be restored within 15 minutes.