How to Use Group Call Pickup


Use the Group Call Pickup feature.

Applies To

  • Admin Console
  • Group Call Pickup


After the account administrator has created a Pickup group and added extension users to the group, Pickup group members will receive a pickup extension via email. When a Pickup group member receives a call, the call can be answered in their absence by any other group member using their own handset. You can use any of the following means to answer a Group Call Pickup:
  1. Dial *66 and then the Pickup Group extension number (e.g., 5000) prior to lifting handset or enabling speakers.
    • Note: If you hear a dial tone and then dial *66, you will get a recorded message stating, "This phone is not allowed to pick up calls from..."
  2. Press the Speed Dial key pre-programmed for Group Call Pickup on your phone. For faster dialing, you can set up a speed dial key on your phone. You can configure a speed dial using the menu on your phone set or via Admin Console.
    • Note: Multiple ringing calls are handled on a first-in-first-out basis.
  3. Press the Group Call Pickup pre-programmed BLF key on your phone.
  4. BLF functions as a one-touch speed-dial key to receive inbound calls to the pickup group. You can view the status of Group Call Pickup extension from your desk phone and answer the call when it is ringing.