How to Lock External or Internal Caller ID


Disable end-user edit rights for the external or internal Caller ID of an extension in order to prevent a user from changing their Caller ID in 8x8 Work for Desktop.

Applies To

  • Admin Console


  1. Log into Admin Console.
  2. Click the 
     top left of the home page and click Profile policies.
  3. Click + Create new profile policy top right.
  4. Name the profile as you like for e.g., Locked CallerID.
  5. Scroll down to User profile: external caller ID/User profile: internal caller ID and toggle the option on.
  6. Once you're done scroll down and click on Save.
  7. Go to the home page of Admin Console, Click on Users and then click on Edit for the Ext you'd like to make changes on.
  8. Once you are on the edit section scroll down to Services and permissions and change the profile policy to which we have just created for e.g., Locked CallerID.
  9. Click Save.