What are the dialpad key shortcuts for 8x8 Work?


What are the dialpad key shortcuts for 8x8 Work?

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When placing calls or while on a call, you can use dialpad key shortcuts (also called star codes), on your desk phone or in 8x8 Work, to perform various actions. Some star codes require special permissions for a user to perform that action.

Shortcut Codes

Star Code Function
*67 Block Caller ID: Dial before calling a number to block your Caller ID from the other party.
*68# Unblock Caller ID: Dial before calling a number to unblock your Caller ID from the other party.
*69 Last Call Redial: Dial the last number you called or were called by.
*78 Activate DND: Activate Do Not Disturb to send incoming calls to voicemail.
*79 Deactivate DND: Deactivate Do Not Disturb to receive incoming calls.
*80 Toggle DND: Toggle your Do Not Disturb status.
*88 Flip Call: To switch an active call from one device to another on the same extension, dial from the device you want to use.
*5 (BMW) Barge: If you are Monitoring a call, Barge in to speak with and be heard by both parties on the call.
*6 (BMW) Mute: If you have Barged in on a call or are Whispering to an agent, you can Mute yourself.
*9 (BMW) Whisper: If you are Monitoring an agent, you can Whisper to them without being heard by the party speaking with the agent.
*22 (BMW) Monitor: Listen in on a live call without interrupting either party.
*23 (BMW) Barge Direct: Barge in on a call without Monitoring or Whispering first.
*0 Record Call (Applicable when call recording is enabled which may require an elevated license.)
*66 Use with BLF extension to pick up call (*66 plus internal extension)
*64 Intercom (*64 plus internal extension)
*15 Transfer to voicemail (Start new call (hold old call); dial the extension of the voicemail box, and press # to transfer to the extension’s voicemail)
*38 Call Park (Hold the call, then dial *38 to park the call on Park extension 461 to 469)
*43 (Hot Desk)
  • Log into a Hot Desk host: *43 + extension number + voicemail password
  • Log out of a Hot Desk host: *43 + extension number + voicemail password
  • Log out of a Hot Desk host remotely: Log into a 8x8 Work client and dial *43
Note: BMW = Barge Monitor Whisper.

Use the Dial Pad to Access Call Queues

The dial pad can also be used to log in and out of call queues.
  1. From an extension that is part of any call queue, dial 5 5 7.
  2. Follow the IVR instructions to log in/out of assigned queues. (You can log in/out of specific queues individually, or all queues at once.)
    • Option 1: Log in to all queues.
    • Option 2: Log in to a specific queue.
    • Option 3: Log out of all queues.
    • Option 4: Log out of a specific queue.
    • Option 5: Review current queue assignment details.