Troubleshooting Issues with Fax Devices


Common Physical Fax Symptoms
  • Unable to send or receive.
  • Able to receive, but not able to send.
  • Failure on first send attempt.
  • Fax cut off.
  • Cannot send to specific numbers.
Questions to Consider
  • How long has the issue occurred?
  • Does the failure occur on outbound, inbound, or both?
  • Does it happen when dialing to a specific number or area code?

Applies To

  • Physical fax endpoints


Can Neither Send/Receive, send only or receive a fax
  1. On the fax machine, check the following settings:
    • Fax Speed or Baud Rate should be lowered to 9600bps.
    • Error Correction Mode (ECM) should be disabled.
    • Resolution should be Standard (not Fine, Ultrafine, Photo, etc.).
    • Overseas (International) Mode set to ON.
    • Set to Fax-Only mode.
  2. Check physical connections to and from the adapter.
    • Make sure the telephone cable is going from Line 1 on the adapter to Line 1 on the fax machine
    • Ensure the adapter is plugged into a valid internet source.
  3. Check adapter-specific network settings.
  4. Attempt to set a static IP on the adapter.
  5. Make a test call to another fax number. You should hear fax tones. If it rings through as disconnected, proceed.
Cannot Send to Specific Numbers
If you cannot send faxes to specific numbers, Create a Case with 8x8 Support.

Additional Information

Fax Servers
While fax servers are not supported, they may work with an adapter. In instances where issues arise with an ATA connected to a fax server, 8x8 support will troubleshoot the adapter. To isolate correctly if the issue is the fax server or adapter, it may be necessary to connect the ATA to a fax machine, or an analog phone. If the issue is determined to be the fax server, 8x8 cannot assist in troubleshooting after confirming the ATA is working correctly.
Fax Machines
8x8 Support will assist with the general settings listed above on fax machines, however, 8x8 cannot troubleshoot the fax machine itself. 
Messages related to a full mailbox must be verified in the inbox of the receiving email or on the fax device itself, as there is no fax cap set by 8x8 on the amount it's possible to receive. 
Fax Tone
The ATA adapter only provides a dial tone. In instances where fax tone is not being provided the adapter will be troubleshot and settings verified, but ultimately fax tone is provided by the machine itself.