Disabling IM and SMS Messaging in 8x8 Admin Console


Disable messaging functionality (IM/SMS) for a user.

Applies To

  • Admin Console
  • Messaging (IM, SMS)


  1. Log in to Admin Console
  2. Click on Side bar (three vertical lines) > Profile Policies.
  3. Click Create new profile policy (top right of the page). 
  4. Enter a Policy name.
  5. Under General, toggle Disable messaging functionality.
  6. Click Save.  
  7. Click HomeUsers.
  8. Select the user(s) to edit > click Edit icon (pencil) to the right-hand side. 
  9. Under Services and Permissions, assign the new policy. 
  10. Click Save.
  11. Have the user log out and log back in.
Note: Toggling Disabling messaging functionality ON/OFF will do so for all users under that policy. To disable Messaging for individual users, without creating an individual Policy profile for each user, contact customer support.

Additional Information

  • Senders will not get an error when sending IM/SMS to the affected users.
  • If the users get the messaging capability re-enabled, those messages will show up in their history.
  • If disabled, the messaging tab is removed from 8x8 Work for Desktop.