To configure Microsoft Azure SAML 2.0 SSO for Admin Console, begin by adding 8x8 8x8 Work from the gallery to your list of SaaS apps. Learn more.

To set up a holiday schedule using an Auto Attendant, log in to Admin Console and navigate to Holidays exceptions and click +Add a holiday. Learn more.

To enable dial by extension on an Auto Attendant, enable Allow callers to dial an extension at any point option under Call Handling Menus. Learn more here.

To set up business hours and after-hour rules for the Auto Attendant in 8x8 Admin Console, navigate to the Call Handling Menus under Auto Attendants. Learn more here.

To set up a Call Park Extension, you need to add a Call Park Extension and assign the Call Park Extension to a BLF key on the phone. Learn more here.

To change your Auto Attendant greeting in the 8x8 Admin Console, click on + Create Audio Files to upload or record a holiday-specific greeting. Learn more here.

Call loops occur when call forwarding rules are set in a way that allows a single call to go back to a destination infinitely. Learn more about call loops here.

To set up the Dial-by-Name feature using Auto Attendant in Admin Console, create user profiles for all the people in the company directory. Learn more.

To create an Auto Attendant greeting in Admin Console, click Auto Attendants and select Create Auto Attendant to record a greeting. Learn more here.

To edit an extension in Admin Console, navigate to Voice Basic Settings and enter a new number under Extension number.

To provision users with 8x8 SCIM API, start by obtaining an authentication token in Admin Console. Learn more.

Configure your voicemail, call forwarding, and Auto Attendant options to prepare your 8x8 Work phone system for a holiday. Learn more from the guide here.

To configure Google Single Sign On, log into Admin Console as an admin, go to Single Sign On and select SAML or Google. Find the full list of steps here.

To set up or change your Auto Attendant forwarding rules in 8x8 Admin Console, click Add Key under Alternate Menu to create scheduling rules. Learn more.

Is Auto Attendant not routing to the Ring Group correctly? Rectify this by editing the Call Handling Menu. Learn more here.

To create a Site in Admin Console with a Main Line Number, you must first claim a phone number so that it can be selected for your site. Learn more here.

To set up your main line number in Admin Console, select your Main Line Number under Voice Service Settings option. Find the full list of steps here.

To set your company number as the caller ID for all extensions, toggle Set Main Number as Caller ID for all Users Belonging to this Site. Learn more here.