If you get an error message that says that 8x8 Web Dialer is no longer supported on Safari, use Chrome and install 8x8 Web Dialer extension. Learn more.

8x8 Work for Hubspot integrates your Hubspot CRM with 8x8 Work for Desktop or Mobile.

8x8 Work Meetings add-in for Microsoft Office 365 is an integration to create virtual meetings directly from your Office 365 tools. Learn more here.

Download the Outlook plugin for 8x8 Work and access productivity features such as ease of use, integration with 8x8 Video Meetings and more.

8x8 Work for Outlook Click to Call plugin allows you to click phone numbers in Outlook to call your contacts using 8x8 Work Desktop. Learn more.

There are three ways in which you can initiate a call from Microsoft Outlook using Outlook Click to Call Plugin. Learn how to use the plugin here.

To learn the answers to frequently asked questions about Microsoft Outlook and Skype for Business integration, click here for the FAQ list.

The 8x8 integration for Microsoft Dynamics does not support multiple sessions at the same time, having multiple sessions in the browser can cause pop-ups to open in the wrong environment.

To start the installation process, log in to NetSuite with an account that has NetSuite administrative access rights. Learn more here.

8x8 Single Sign On (SSO) allows users to sign in to both Salesforce and 8x8 extension simultaneously with Salesforce login credentials. Learn more here.